Naomi Bernice Bell

Second Lieutenant Naomi Bell entered the miliitary on December 28 1942. By 1946, she had been promoted to First Lieutenant.

Della J. Bassette

First Lieutenant Elizabeth Dozier wrote in a nursing article newsletter for LAAB in 1947 that Bassette was one of five nurses who reported to Lockbourne on May 3, 1946.

Gertrude L. Scott

Second Lieutenant Gertrude L. Scott holds the distinction of being the first former TAAF nurse to give birth.

Beatrice E. Hill

Second Lieutenant Beatrice E. Hill was a dispensary nurse at Tuskegee Army Air Field.

Elizabeth T. Dozier

Elizabeth T. Dozier arrived at Tuskegee Army Flying School (TAAF) as a second lieutenant in the Army Nurse Corps in 1942

Frances McCloud

McCloud entered active duty on September 9th and was assigned to TAAF at a rank of second lieutenant.

Ruth M. Faulkner

Second Lieutenant Ruth M. Faulkner was a surgical nurse at Tuskegee Army Air Base.

Kathryn Y. Bough

Chief nurse under Della Raney who was the principal chief nurse.

Della Hayden Raney (Jackson) “Maw Raney”

It’s understandable that Della Raney became known as “Maw Raney” to the nurses she supervised at Tuskegee Army Air Field during World War II.