Nursing Schools Attended


Three of the Tuskegee Army Nurses were graduates of the St. Philip School of Nursing in Richmond, Virginia. The segregated school for black nurses operated from 1920 to 1962. It was part of the Medical College of Virginia which later became part of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond. From left: Mencie Trotter, St. Philip Class of 1940 & future instructor at the school, Alice Binford (former military roommate of Louise Lomax, not a classmate), Louise Lomax, St. Philip Class of 1942, Della Bassette, St. Philip Class of 1941

Richmond (December 6, 2011) Lessons of a segregated nursing school

VCU School of Nursing blog (January 11, 2013) Richmond Magazine Features Article on 50th Anniversary of St. Philip Closing

Richmond Magazine (January 2013) Lessons from St. Philip Marking a half-century since its nursing school for African-Americans closed, VCU strives to attract more racially diverse students

Florida A & M, Tallahassee, Florida Frances McCloud, Class of 1942 

Hampton Institute School of Nursing, Hampton, Virginia Beatrice Hill 

Harlem Hospital School of Nursing, New York Irma Cameron Dryden, Class of 1942 

Kansas City General Hospital Nursing School Abbie Voorhies Ross 

Lincoln Hospital School of Nursing, Durham, North Carolina Della Raney 

Lincoln School of Nursing, New York Octavia Bridgewater, Class of 1930 

University Hospital School of Nursing of the University of Michigan, Marjorie Alice Franklin, Class of 1927 

University of Georgia Nursing School Naomi Bell, Class of 1942