Louise Lomax

She was one of the last five nurses remaining on the Tuskegee Army Air base after it was designated for closing as reported in the roster for July 15, 1946.

Alice P. Binford

Second Lieutenant Alice P. Binford was a dispensary nurse on the base.

Elsie H. Wallace

Second Lieutenant Elsie H. Wallace was another of the nurses in the 1942 yearbook. She was a medical nurse and a ward three head nurse.

Mencie B. Trotter

Second Lieutenant Mencie B. Trotter was one of the three Tuskegee Army Nurses who graduated from St. Philip School of Nursing in Richmond, Virginia in the class of 1940.

Sarah F. Thomas

T Thomas was among the first of three Tuskegee Army “Negro nurses to carry services to foreign soil to Liberia” on April 4, 1943

Ruth Speight

She and the others were assigned to the station hospital at Tuskegee Army Air Field (Alabama), the advanced training ground for the original Tuskegee Airmen.

Fatima D. Smith

According to the August 7, 1943 Hawk’s Cry, she was “among first Negro nurses to carry their services to foreign soil to Liberia” on April 4, 1943.

Norma L. Greene

Second Lieutenant Norma L. Greene was one of the earlier nurses on Tuskegee’s Army Base.

Octavia M. Bridgewater

Octavia M. Bridgewater was one of Montana’s native daughters. One of the Tuskegee Army Nurses mentioned her as one of the older nurses.

Abbie Voorhies

This second lieutenant was transferred from Camp Livingston in Louisiana where she was chosen to escort four other nurses to Tuskegee Army Air Field (TAAF).